Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the UCP, and integrated member of the Communication and Society Research Centre (Minho University)



  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique (Catholic University of Mozambique)

    2018-PresentMember of the Scientific Council of the Electronic Journal of Research and Development
  • International Humanities Studies Journal

    March/2019-PresentMember of the Editorial Board of the International Humanities Studies Journal
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portuguese Catholic University)

    Dec/2019-Dec/2019Representative of the Master in Applied Social Gerontology in the Academic Council Oct/2018-Jul/2019Representative of the 2nd Cycle of the Tourism Course in the Academic Council Feb/2018-Mar/2018Member of the Commission in charge of drafting the guide for the application of the RADD (Regulation of Evaluation of the Performance of Teachers) Sept/2017-PresentMember of the Coordinating Committee of the 2nd Cycle in Applied Social Gerontology (Executive Coordinator) Sept/2017-PresentMember of the Scientific Council Sept/2017-Jul/2019Member of the Coordinating Committee of the 2nd Cycle in Administration and School Organization Sept/2017-Jul/2019Member of the Coordinating...

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  • Instituto Superior de Saúde do Alto Ave (Superior Institute of Health of Alto Ave)

      Feb/2013-Jul/2014Director of the Ethics Committee May/2012-Jul/2014Member of the Commission for Postgraduate Studies, Advanced and Continuous Training Feb/2011-Jul/2014Quality Council Member Set/2008-Jul/2014Member of the Scientific Council